MCI -Ancestral work

MCI -Ancestral work

This session is based on improving yourself within areas of :-

-releasing trauma

-specific work to aid the whole family, including children or future children coming to all members of family

-letting go of the past

-connecting with ancestors of generations you haven't known 

-self love

-self worth

-spiritual connection




-all areas of wellbeing


-boundaries & patterns

-system beliefs

-heartbreak etc


Within the session you will be able to bring issues, problems and curiosity surrounding an area you want to improve in your life.

This is an extremely healing and powerful, it is connected to something that may be carried forward from our past ancestors. This can be connected to history of slavery, poverty, trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, financial abuse, self worth.

It's unlimited with what the session can help with.

This work allows us to be able to let go of blocks, curses/hexes from before our time.


We will specifically work with trauma from each side of the family.

The sessions is one lineage at a time, you would need to book two sessions if yiou feel its on both sides of your family.


Once you book you would need to write me in detail via email what it is you are wanting to release. Please send this before the session.

The session is based in talking, sharing, meditation & visualisation techniques which are then to be practised after the session.

Those who are uncertain on specifically what they need assistance and help with are fully welcomed.


Time: 30-45 mins

Practice:Meditation with ancestors and our guides combined




    Please head to policies page for details


    There is no booking system

    You will need to email before purchasing if wishing for a specific date as sessions can be booked up a week to two weeks in advance

    Please honour this to avoid disapointment

    (No refunds will be given)

    If purchasing without knowing my schedule you will recieve an email shortly after purchase with my schedule darlings