Soul ties & Pulling Chords Combo

Soul ties & Pulling Chords Combo

Soul Ties

This is basic spiritual hygiene

Sexual connections create an energy exchange.

There are parts of us that are sacred & are meant to be shared with others and vice versa but once we have moved on from that person & experience we need to ask for our energy back.

We will be walking around with other peoples emotions & feelings after we need to be

Let it go & call yours back

This is basic spiritual hygiene

In the dream world we’d be open enough to ask for our energy back and ceremonially have that energy exchange together… (even after a one night stand) yet here we are in this reality where ego leads the way a lot with break ups & endings.

We have to be clear & concise with letting go of energy that isn’t ours as well as calling ours back to us

We have the divine right to ask ourselves to come home and do not permission from the person we have tied to, it does the work for you both… selfless huh


- teaching of what soul ties are, the differences between soul ties and pulling chords & the process explained

- Healing Meditation of soul tie detaching

- Q&A

Join this class that will teach you the how to do this healing technique yourself as well as me as the healer administering this healing technique to help you through any past, current & future experiences


If you are attending and have experiences sexual abuse this work will work but I caution it will need extra work which that is connected to innoncene & other healing will be needed but it’s a great place to start

If you have recently broken up with someone & attending this session you need to be clear that you are not intending to have sexual relations with them after this session because this work will cause intensity between you & the person

I advise pulling chords instead of undoing the soul tie till you are ready to commit